"Blackfox play sludgy, guitar-driven rock rooted in a kind of grungy blues that’s dirty yet melodic…they hold their ground, keep the mood dark and eerie, and wait until just the right moment to unleash a blistering solo that’s just plain nasty.” – Latest Disgrace

Blackfox is a ragged tale told in a burned-out brothel behind an abandoned church; folk forms wrapped in wire and soaked in bourbon.  The songwriting and genre experimentation of veteran multi-instrumentalist and seer of visions Stacey Cargal rides on a carpet of sound built by a collection of longtime friends and scene-mates. The band works a mix of garage, blues, gospel and country-inflected songs and pushes them into new sonic territories with aspects of noise and space rock.

Stacey Cargal has long been a go-to guitar and lap steel player for bands like Myssouri, Viva La Diva, Will Rogers, the Snakehandlers, and so many more. As an avid student of roots and mountain music forms, his range of instrumental skills combines with a love of exploratory rock  – think Bowie, Flaming Lips, Tom Waits – to create a unique musical aesthetic.

Ryan Taylor is an experimentally-minded guitarist / synthesist who, while working in electronic and noise music, has always been drawn to roots music as a foundation for exploration. He’s played for a wide range of Atlanta bands and songwriters (weaklazyliar, Aku You, Pineal Ventana,  Lindsay Rakers)  and had music placed in TV shows and films.

Drummer Mitchell Sosebee has been active on the Atlanta scene for decades, playing in legendary punk and rock outfits like the Lipstick Stains, Murderer’s Holiday, and Pirates in Love. In the late 90s, he and Ryan played together in Scoring Dope for the Ultimate Woman, a band still famous on the internet for its name alone, beginning a long partnership encompassing experimental beat music, folk, Americana, and noise.

Jim Combs is a mad keyboard/synth scientist fixture of the Atlanta music community since the mid-00's. Jim supports Blackfox, alt-rockers The Sunset District, cabaret jazz performer Suzy Sazerac and the Peels, alt-folkies The Good Graces, and his own ambient electronic radio favorite Sensitive Chaos. He's a multi-year veteran of The Happenstance, Different Skies, electro-music, City Skies, and Summer Shade festivals.

Greg Wright is a veteran musician and producer with an extensive history in Atlanta, playing with bands like the Nightporters, Pirates in Love, Scoring Dope for the Ultimate Woman, and many more. After producing and mixing the first Blackfox LP, he joined the band on bass guitar and vocals.

Recently, the band has expanded yet again to include Andy Gish (The Yum Yum Tree) and Monica Arrington (Nerdkween) on vocals.